Prevention Methods

While no congregational preparedness plan can prevent an influenza pandemic, or other public health emergency—or a natural or human-made disaster, for that matter—there are a number of practices or actions that can be utilized to contain or prevent spread of infection. These practices or actions will mitigate or reduce the adverse affects on people, organizations and communities.

(Regarding natural or human-made disaster prevention, please see Other Disasters & Emergencies - Guide for Congregations).

Regarding public health emergencies such as an influenza pandemic, it is recommended that certain practices be introduced and become a normal practice and then will be in place at the time of a public health emergency.  Other practices are only intended to be implemented at the time of a public health emergency. Some of these practices relate to individuals and families in their homes and every-day living, and some relate to churches and congregations.

Please see Prevention In the Congregation and Prevention In the Home