Why Prepare?

Why get ready for a pandemic? First and foremost, medical experts agree that a pandemic is coming - they just don’t know when or how severe it will be. As individuals, we naturally want to make sure that ourselves and our loved ones will be taken care of during such an emergency.

But there are other reasons to prepare. As followers of Christ, we have an obligation to care for one another and for others. Historically, the church has cared for the sick, needy and vulnerable, following Christ’s command to show love and care. By getting ready, the church also shows the community that it is interested in being of service and a source of assistance.

Even if a pandemic takes a long time to materialize, preparing for such an emergency will enable congregations to provide better care for their members, and for people in the community. The checklists on this site will help churches become better aware of needs in their congregations, and in the community.

Pandemic planning will also help a church be ready for other emergencies - floods, fires, severe weather events (ice-storms, tornados, etc.) or major accidents (e.g. an airplane crash). During such emergencies, churches can play a vital role in providing assistance of various kinds.

Mennonite Church Canada offers this website to churches so they can be ready to ready to respond to pandemic, take care of each other, serve their communities and be ready for other kinds of emergencies.

Pandemic planning has generated an unofficial slogan:  The only thing worse than planning for an emergency is having to explain why you didn't!