Preparing for Disaster: A Guide for Mennonite Congregations


This manual has been prepared by the Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS). MDS is a faith-based agency that responds to disasters by providing volunteer labor for cleanup, repair and reconstruction of homes. We believe that volunteering is a means of touching lives and helping disaster survivors regain faith and wholeness. MDS places special emphasis on helping low-income families, single parents, the elderly and the disabled.

As part of the community, congregations have the opportunity and responsibility to respond to disaster. The deep human needs and psychological scars left after a disaster require care beyond the restoration of physical needs. Putting lives back together after a disaster requires care, hope and love. Counseling, understanding and direction enable people to cope with their anger, guilt, tests of faith, loneliness and turmoil.

A time of crisis is often the best time for Christians to demonstrate the reality of God’s healing grace through caring and sharing.

This manual is provided to assist congregations to prepare for disaster. It asks questions such as: What is disaster? Is your facility ready? Are your church records protected? Does your congregation have evacuation plans? What can your congregation do to prepare to care for members and others in your community in response to disaster?

Download: Preparing for Disaster: A Guide for Mennonite Congregations [PDF document]