Human Resources

Not only will a number of people be sick, but they will have sick children or others to care for, and may even be afraid of coming to work. Some will request time away to attend to child care needs if their regular service providers are no longer able to care for children. Increased attendance at funerals may also demand time. Leave requests to attend to these needs will impact all church staff (the pastors, the secretary and the custodian).   Alternately, some people will insist on coming to work when they are not well – how do you make sure these people are not burning out as they feel compelled to keep going?

Churches should establish a generous sick leave policy for pandemic emergencies. In your policy indicate that sick people will be sent home.

Encourage annual immunizations for staff. Consider paying for annual influenza vaccinations for those employees not eligible for publicly funded vaccine. 

Establish flexible work policies to accommodate working from home when possible.

Consider what pastoral, social service and mental health supports need to be put in place for staff. Watch for stress and burnout.

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