Make Plans

How does your church make this decision?

Assign key individuals to a Preparedness Planning Group with the authority to develop, maintain and act upon an influenza pandemic preparedness and response plan. Look at your current structures. Does it require the Ministerial to meet? Does your Church require the Council to be involved? Executive and Lead Minister/Pastor? See Getting Started for more information.

Outline what the organizational structure will be during an emergency and revise this periodically. This outline should identify key contacts and their back-ups, roles and responsibilities, and who is supposed to report to whom.

Determine the potential impact of a pandemic on your church’s activities and services. What are some of the needs to be considered when trying to reach a decision? People will want to know what is going on with other congregants and miss the companionship. Recognize the potential scale of the outbreak – its possible duration, peaks and waves. Consider how various government guidelines will impact your church activities and how you might respond. Plan for situations likely to require increasing, decreasing or altering the services your church delivers. For instance:

  • (a)  Will you keep the church open for services and regular activities to enable the healthy and recovered to receive spiritual support and healing during such traumatic events;
  • (b) Will you close the church to minimize the risk of infection from people who are infected but not symptomatic, and who are therefore able to spread infection without realizing it; or
  • (c) Will you plan for alternative approaches to maintain ministry while minimizing the risk of infection?  

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